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REMA TIP TOP Industrial has had a reputation in Australia for providing top quality products and service for more than 40 years. As a result, REMA TIP TOP Industrial has become synonymous with reliability, specialist expertise and the highest quality products for Wear Protection, Corrosion Protection and Conveyor Belt Maintenance. REMA TIP TOP Industrial operates as a total solution provider, developing engineered solutions for the mining, materials handling, mineral processing and general industries.

The success of our product and service capabilities is based on:

1. Australia wide warehouse and service network.
2. Expertise of highly trained product specialists and application engineers.
3. Wide range of quality products covering Wear Protection, Corrosion Protection and Conveyor Maintenance.
4. The complete range of services including problem analysis, installation, maintenance and condition monitoring.
5. Comprehensive training programs.
6. Research and development and product innovation.
As the total solution provider to our customers, we offer the complete system including our range of fully manufactured products and services. In doing so, we work together very closely with our customers to ensure that customer requirements and expectations are met.
Our range of products and services are backed up by our Australia wide warehouse and service network.
With our 24 hour service we are ready to assist you at anytime.

Repair Products for Tubes -  Repair Products for Tyres -  Vulcanizing Machines and Accessories -  Documentation -  Special Tools for Tyre Handling and Regrooving -  Tools for Tyre Repair -  Special Tools for Retreading -  Buffing Motors and Hand Tools -  Chemical Products -  Safety at Work -  Tyre Changers, Mounting Tools -  Lifting Equipment -  Compressed-air equipment -  Valves -  Balance weights -  Valves, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, Balance Weights -  Workshop Programme, Bike Care -  Puncture kits, tyre sealants, tyre repair -  Two-wheel -  Diagnostics and Auto Service -  Tools