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1000 days of safety excellence with Port Waratah.

REMA TIP TOP Australia celebrated the recent milestone of achieving 1000 days reportable injury free at Newcastle-based Port Waratah. Injury free performance is critical in maintaining efficient operations at Port Waratah as it feeds 145 million tonnes of coal each year from the New South Wales Hunter Valley into ships servicing the busiest coal port in the world.

Benedikt Schneider, CEO REMA TIP TOP Asia-Pacific, was delighted with the result remarking, “Our teams across the country operate in some of the most challenging working environments on the planet. To achieve this milestone is a testament to the tenacity our people as they have worked hard to align with Port Waratah expectations around safety and performance”.

“We’ve implemented a range of improvements to equipment management, services planning and developed systems of work to help ensure safe and efficient operations on the Port Waratah site,” added Ryan Jones, NSW State Manager. “Port Waratah have challenged us to meet their expectations and I’m proud of our team’s response in delivering over the last 1000 days. This milestone sets the bar for our team to maintain our MateSafe focus, and it certainly reflects our priority of building a strong safety culture.”

With similar results in recent times at FMG Cloudbreak and FMG Port Hedland, both reaching 1000 days reportable injury free, REMA TIP TOP is proving its commitment to keeping people safe and supporting efficient operations across the country.