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REMA TIP TOP is a pioneer of the rubber manufacturing industry with innovation and technological developments stretching throughout its almost 100-year history.

In the Automotive industry, we lead the global market in tyre repair materials and products – “Everything for Tyres and Wheels”. 

As one of the biggest specialists in the world for the repair of tyres of all kinds, REMA TIP TOP actively contributes to and drives change in the automobile sector through its safe, environmentally-friendly and efficient products and systems solutions – a core capability given the need for climate protection, emission control legislation and finite oil reserves.

REMA TIP TOP tyre repair products continually set the benchmark for quality and performance globally and constantly maintain the company’s position at the forefront of the industry.

As the worldwide market leader in the tyre repair sector, we offer specialist operators a vast range of products and accessories to repair any tyre, be it for a wheelbarrow or a huge OTR tyre. Our experience in supplying everything for tyres and wheels stretches back almost 100 years.

Our cooperation with major tyre manufacturers and suppliers of retreads always ensures innovative, high-quality solutions. Research & development is based in Germany, and “Made in Germany” applies to our products. Service is at the heart of everything we do at REMA TIP TOP and a strategic, mobile network of warehouses, sales reps and technical experts are at our customers’ doorstep across Australia providing in-store delivery, consulting, invoicing and advice.


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1923 – The Beginning

In 1923 the brothers Otto and Willy Gruber found a joint company. The brothers’ first trade in screws and small metal parts under the name Otto Gruber & Co., but soon start selling compressors and lift platforms.

1928 – The Term ‘Stahlgruber’

Steel, a more modern material, increasingly replaces conventional iron. The Gruber brothers therefore include steel screws and bolts in their commercial program. The term “Stahlgruber” soon comes into common use and this is finally adopted and retained as the company name.

Increasing transport mechanization also extends the circle of customers. New car repair workshops are opened up everywhere. Stahlgruber becomes the leading trade supplier of automobile accessories, tools and workshop equipment.

1935 – A Real Market Niche

Otto Gruber & Co. KG, headquartered in Munich, is founded.

The Grubers discover a real market niche when visiting a vulcanizing operation. Up to this point, tyre repair material has been laboriously cut out by hand from old tyres. No alternative is been available on the market up until this point.

1937 – Tyre Patches

The Gruber brothers decide to produce inner tube patches. This is followed in 1938 by inner sleeves and tyre patches. The breakthrough, however, comes shortly after the end of the war with the development of a cold vulcanization material that for the first time permits a temperature-resistant tube repair.

1938 – The Name

During a product trial, Willy Gruber exclaims: “This is tip-top!” and thus creates the name of an idea whose fulfillment one day led to the conquest of the world market.

1949 – Record Level

The millionth inner tube patch is manufactured.

1950 – First Agencies Abroad

Stahlgruber opens its first agencies abroad in Italy and Japan, with production running at full capacity. The trading portfolio, comprising of car parts, accessories, tools and workshop equipment, is continually extended. Both the services offered, and international involvements also increase strongly.

1960 – Expansion

The first jointly-owned companies abroad are founded.

1965 – Wear Protection

Product development gets underway and Wear Protection materials are developed.

2002 – From Munich to Poing

The REMA TIP TOP German headquarters is moved from Munich to Poing.

2007 – Foundation of the GMBH

REMA TIP TOP GMBH is founded.

2008 – Merges into AG

Merges into STAHLGRUBER Otto Gruber AG.

2009 – South Africa

Dunlop Belting (Pty,) Ltd., South Africa is acquired.

2010 – Alfa Development

The manufacturing and development departments are consolidated into the independent alfa DEVELOPMENT GmbH.

2014 – New Milestone

REMA TIP TOP trades as a non-listed stock corporation.

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