Our team of experienced automotive experts provide training services to ensure that our customers are well trained in the correct use and applications of our products.

Our Automotive Training Services

We organise a range of training options including standardised courses and individually customised training programs to suit your specific needs.

Either hands on or classroom style, compact or more extensive, during or after hours – we have an option that is just right for you.

Please contact your local sales representative, state warehouse or head office to find out what type of training package we can provide for you.

Our range of automotive product training includes:

  • Tyre repair in its various forms
    (All our repair courses comply to Australian Standards.)

    • Nailhole / Combiplug (Minicombi) repairs / Remastem
    • String repair
    • Patch application
    • Truck and bus tyres – section repairs
    • Repair for retreaders
    • EM / OTR / Agricultural tyres major repair
    • Use of vulcanising equipment
  • Regrooving
  • Balancing compounds, technology, functionality and application.

For specific training courses, we issue certificates for all attendees.

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