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Specialised Hose Manufacturing Services

REMA Tip Top Australia offers an extensive range of specialised hose manufacturing services from our facility in Bunbury, Western Australia. We cater to the needs of the mining, drilling, water transfer, and industrial sectors, delivering customised, high-quality hose solutions.

Key Products and Services:

Mining Hoses:

  • Customisation: Designed to customer specifications with diameters from 50mm to 600mm and lengths up to 12.5 metres. Larger diameters available upon request
  • Durability: Built for suction or delivery of wet and dry abrasive materials in mining and drilling applications, using super abrasive-resistant NR.

Muff Coupling Hoses:

  • Versatility: Available in various lengths and diameters.
  • Applications: Suited for suction/delivery of slurry and wet abrasive materials in mining and industrial applications.

Rubber Hoses:

  • Speciality Hoses: Supplying various types of specialty hoses, from water to air to oil and everything in-between.
  • Spiral Hoses: Manufacturing a range of rubber spiral hoses, predominantly used for joining polly pipe on fibre glass spirals bu also suitable for other applications.
  • Repair Solutions: Offering rubber repair bandages, essential for quick repairs on pipe work to reduce downtime and prevent leaks.






Quality and Performance:

  • Pressure and Temperature Ratings: Hoses capable of handling up to 3000 kPa and temperatures from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Material Quality: Crafted with super abrasive-resistant NR and multiple plies of fabric incorporating spring steel wire, ensuring durability and flexibility.

Our Commitment:

At REMA Tip Top Australia, we are committed to ensuring plant reliability and longevity, reducing operational costs, and optimising up-time. We provide:

  • Technical Assistance: Offering guidance in selecting the correct hose for any application.
  • Specialised Designs: Preparing custom designs for almost any application by our team of highly competent technical personnel with extensive industry experience.
  • Integrated Solutions: Manufacture of hoses with a range of integrally built-in couplings, designed for specific applications. Products include high-pressure hoses in both textile and steel corded constructions, large diameter dredge suction and tailings recovery hoses, and more.

Hose Range:

  • Large Bore Hose
  • Small Bore Hose
  • Hard Wall Hose
  • Soft Wall Hose
  • Water Suction and Delivery Hose
  • Pulp and Slurry Hose
  • Rematex Hose
  • Ceramic Lined Hose
  • Dredging Hose
  • Bunkering Hose
  • Floatation Hose
  • Hooped Hose
  • Reducer Hose
  • Muff Coupling Hose

Hose Range Continued:

  • Muff Couplings
  • Custom Built Rubber Hose
  • 3D Bend Hose
  • Buffer and Monitor Hose
  • Chemical Hose
  • Oxygen Lancing Hose
  • Fuel and Oil Hose
  • Pinch Valves
  • Nippets
  • Expansion Joints
  • Industrial Hose
  • Vacuum Hose for Railway Groups
  • Air Brake Hose for Railway Groups
  • PVC Mining Hose
  • Layflat Hose


When selecting a hose, it is crucial to be as informed as possible about its application, the substance it will convey, the operating conditions, and the type of coupling required. Please refer to the checklist below, which includes notes to help you verify the most important points.


The inside diameter of the hose (abbreviated to ID) is generally used when referring to hose size. The inside diameter is important for several reasons, including flow capacity, pressure drop, and choice of coupling.


The overall outside diameter of the hose (abbreviated to OD) is important when selecting couplings or hose clamps.


The total thickness of the hose wall, including the tube, reinforcement, and cover.


The maximum working pressure is the level for which the hose is designed and may be subjected to.


The pressure at which a new hose will burst or otherwise fail.


The minimum radius to which the hose can be safely bent.


This refers to the length of the hose supplied. For coupled hoses, it is the length from one coupling end to the other.


The substances that will be conveyed by the hose are crucial. The temperature, concentration, and composition of these substances may be important.


The type of coupling that is to be fitted onto or permanently vulcanised to the hose requires specification. This includes information on the type of thread, flange specifications, etc.


Reference to any applicable standards, production certificates, or other design regulations.


The environment in which the hose will be used is crucial, including external temperature, exposure to oil, and contact with abrasive materials such as floors and stones.


Markings, such as the working pressure, the company name, and the substances carried, may be applied through printing, embossing, or labels.


Various additional pieces of information, such as the method of packaging, delivery, or other special requirements, may be specified.

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