We partner with our customers to deliver innovative preventative maintenance using advanced analytics, technologies and fixed-fee service guarantees. Our range of innovative hardware and software solutions gather and analyse asset performance, providing valuable data for improved asset management.


There is a growing expectation from plant operators around Australia to create Smart Plants that allow for digital monitoring and management. Innovative technology solutions such as belt rip detection, belt thickness monitoring, scanning and sensors, provided by MCube, can be used to provide plant operators with greater insight into the current status of their conveyor belts by providing real-time data showing any forms of damage.

MCube Steel Cord Scan System (SCS)

Get the best understanding of your conveyor belt with our MCube Steel Cord Scan System that provides accurate, reliable and immediate detection of damaged cables and splice cord condition.


MCube Belt Thickness Monitoring

The Belt Thickness Monitoring System (BTM) continuously measures wear and wear characteristics on conveyor belts by use of ultrasonic sound-waves, generating over 1.000 readings per second in order to present an accurate graphical representation of the conveyor belt.


MCube RFID Belt Rip Detection

The MCube RFID Belt Rip Detection System uses the latest RFID technology, offering advanced protection for all types of conveyor belts including steel-cord, plied belts and PVC belts.


MCube Radar Based Sensor Systems

MCube Radar Based Sensor Systems allow for the detection of volumes and masses on conveyor belts for improved throughput.



Cloud-based software solutions, provided by CCube, allow for efficient management, analysis and reporting of data for controlled maintenance workflows for equipment, whilst providing real time reporting and planning of maintenance and inspection activities, all while minimising unplanned downtime.



Total Conveyor Maintenance means treating your conveyor as an integrated system. Our unique asset management approach, CARMA, pairs analysts, engineers, maintenance and product specialists to deliver cost effective, data driven recommendations designed to reduce your costs and increase your availability.

Maintenance Strategy Develpoment

Reliability charters, Consequence of Failure Analysis (COFA/FMECA), preventative maintenance strategies and inspection templates.

Digitilisation & Technologies

Steel cord scanners, belt thickness monitoring systems, rip detection systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, digital forms, Field Service Management, analysis and reporting platforms.

Analytics & Reliability Engineering

Asset performance, lifecycle analysis, expenditure analysis, asset availability & reliability, contract performance, machine learning, abnormality detection and artificial intelligence.

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