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REMA TIP TOP provides a global service network and offers a broad range of polymer-based products, linings and coatings for the materials processing, surface protection industries as well as for the automotive sector.

REMA TIP TOP is a pioneer of the rubber manufacturing industry with innovation and technological developments stretching throughout its almost 100-year history.

REMA TIP TOP products are used across the globe to extend the service life and reduce the maintenance costs of its customers assets.

In the Automotive industry, we lead the global market in repair materials and products for everything tyres and wheels. As one of the biggest specialists in the world for the repair of tyres of all kinds, REMA TIP TOP actively contributes to and drives change in the automobile sector through its safe, environmentally-friendly and efficient products and systems solutions – a core capability given the need for climate protection, emission control legislation and finite oil reserves. REMA TIP TOP tire repair products continually set the benchmark for quality and performance globally and constantly maintain the company’s position at the forefront of the industry.

We provide products and services for Australia’s major mining houses, OEMs, EPCMs, and other organisations and suppliers across most industries. From specialist rubber lining, wear and corrosion protection, to total conveyor maintenance, management and product supply we are a global market leader in products and services for Materials Processing and Surface Protection. Utilizing our extensive experience, laboratory and field tests, we select the right materials for every kind of operating conditions, in order to make the respective protection systems fully effective.

Improving the availability of your plant is our main objective. The proven reliability of REMA TIP TOP products will provide your plant with the most effective and long-lasting protection, helping you to reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of your equipment, many times over.

In Australia, REMA TIP TOP has more than 700 employees, including a services network of more than 400 personnel operating out of strategically located hubs all around the country. As well as our on-site service capability we have rubber lining workshops in Perth and Brisbane with top-of-range equipment and people dedicated to this specialist trade.


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