REMA TIP TOP Industrial Solutions gives copper plant operators a complete range of conveyor belting and components, wear protection and surface protection solutions tailored to the specific needs of your plant.

Every industry is different, as is every plant. The processing of raw materials, minerals and ores requires plant machinery and equipment to be operating efficiently at all times.

As we continue to move toward a sustainable and energy efficient future, the use of copper will be essential. Copper’s inherent recyclability makes it a key material in the global movement toward clean energy and a circular economy.

Its use in electric motors, transformers, solar and wind energy systems and infrastructure has seen demand for copper soar. Copper is central to electric vehicle technologies and supporting infrastructure. By 2027, it is expected that the demand for copper to be used in electric vehicles will increase by 1700 kilotons, significantly impacting global copper demand.

As such, this demand will have a substantial impact on global copper demand and the copper industry is committed to maintaining the sustainability of this demand worldwide.

From ore extraction to the final copper product, REMA TIP TOP offers effective products and engineered solutions paired with our leading preventative maintenance strategies to guarantee the performance, lifecycle, and maintenance costs of operating your plant.


Case Studies

Quick and efficient installation


In 2017 at a major copper mine in South Australia, we relined a neutralisation tank with REMALINE MP 40 CN.

  • Quick and efficient installation
  • of REMALINE rubber lining used
  • Previously lined for 15 years.

The tank had previously been rubber-lined with REMA TIP TOP rubber lining fifteen years ago and samples taken from the tank showed that the rubber, once cleaned of material, was still in good working condition. Almost 200 square metres of REMALINE was used on the job, with day and night shift crews working around the clock for seven days to have the tank back up and running.


Improving mill efficiency


After the implementation of REMAMILL in two ball mills, a copper mine in Australia significantly improved the efficiency of their mills.

  • Individual, customised design
  • Improves mill efficiency & output
  • Reduces energy costs

The mills had been previously lined with steel which had short lifetimes and were unsuitable for the abrasive material passing through. The highly abrasion-resistant REMAMILL 70 rubber lining was recommended by REMA TIP TOP specialists and implemented in the customers mills. This has resulted in prolonged lifetimes and significantly reduced energy costs.


All-in-one service approach

Technology & Service

We work closely with our customers to plan, prepare and execute custom solutions that increase the efficiency of their operations.

  • Complete customer focus
  • All-in-one service approach
  • Ongoing service and support

At a copper processing plant in Chile, REMA TIP TOP works closely with our customer to provide continuous and ongoing planning and preparation for each Steel Cord Scan, providing the equipment and support on site to carry out the job. As an all-in-one service provider, our clear and detailed reporting also provides the customer with an overview of the status of their Steel Cord belts.


Reduce belt cleaner efficniencies

Belt Cleaners

Prior to the installation of new REMA TIP TOP belt cleaners, a copper mine was experiencing inefficiencies with their existing belt cleaners.

  • Lifetime with old PU formula
  • Lifetime with new PU formula
  • Increase in lifetime

REMA TIP TOP designed and installed new belt cleaners using our advanced new PU formula, specifically designed for highly abrasive copper material, which are lasting twice as long as the previous belt cleaners. With previous lifetimes of around 4 months, the new belt cleaners are now lasting up to between 6 and 10 months, representing a significant increase.


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