REMA TIP TOP Industrial Solutions gives coal mine operators a complete range of conveyor belting and components, wear protection and surface protection solutions tailored to the specific needs of your plant.

Every industry is different, as is every plant. The processing of raw materials, minerals and ores requires plant machinery and equipment to be operating efficiently at all times.

For a very long time, the coal industry has been a critical player in the development of industries, energy generation and innovation for the future. Some of the key challenges in a shifting economic, political and social environment centre around the sustainability and maintainability of coal plants and equipment, and in technology-based improvements that drive efficiencies.

One of REMA TIP TOP’s core global values is the mantra of ‘repair, don’t replace’, which speaks to our approach in delivering products and services that improves the lifecycle and availability of our customers’ assets.

Our range of conveyor maintenance products, services, technologies and analytics tools increase the efficiency and availability of our customers’ systems, while our wear and corrosion protection systems protect our customers’ plant and keep machinery running far longer than its normal lifecycle.

Specialised products like REMA dust covering systems also improve the environmental outcomes for our customers, and OTR tyre patches and servicing reduces your reliance on new tyres and keeps your vehicles on the road longer.


Case Studies

Reducing wear and extending lifetime of discharge chutes

Remalox HD 35

At a coal terminal in China, a discharge chute was experiencing a high degree of abrasion and wear.

  • Previous life with steel lining
  • Lifetime with REMALOX HD 35
  • Increase in lifetime

The chute was previously 20mm steel-lined, and was subject to a service life of approximately 2 months. The chute was relined with REMALOX HD 35 – a steel-backed rubber and ceramic composite, which extended the service life of the transfer chute to over 18 months.


Reducing slippage and increasing service life


A coal handling prep plant in China was experiencing slippage on one of its main transfer belts, causing downtime and reduced throughput.

  • Ongoing service life
  • Perfect for wet conditions
  • Long service life

The solution was the installation of UNIGRIP CR-L, a pulley lagging material with ceramic inserts. Perfect for wet conditions, UNIGRIP has a higher coefficient of friction and a very long service life.

This pulley remains in service more than two years later.


Low noise rollers

Innovative Product Solutions

Following a successful trial of low-noise rollers, REMA TIP TOP changed out 4,500 rollers for an Australian coal mining customer.

  • 4,500 low noise rollers installed
  • 75% reduction in noise.

The initial trial was undertaken in September 2016 after proactive noise testing found improvements were needed to meet community and environmental expectations. Independent testing found that the change out reduced roller noise by 75 per cent. Our unique condition monitoring techniques continue to be utilised on site to monitor roller performance and proactively implement maintenance strategies.


Reduce cost, increase availability

Maintenance Expertise Pays Dividends

In January 2015, a coal mining client in Queensland, Australia approached us about its conveyor availability issues.

  • Reliability engineering approach
  • Conveyor availability
  • Reduction in maintenance costs

REMA TIP TOP implemented a reliability engineering approach to track and analyse the data of all aspects of the conveyor components. In taking up our data-driven recommendations we have been able to improve the conveyor availability to 98 per cent, and reduce maintenance costs by more than 40 per cent.


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