Bulk Materials Handling Technical Advisory

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions provides premium technical advisory services for bulk materials handling systems and associated equipment. Their approach and offering are available on a global scale to improve and enhance your bulk materials handling system and equipment capacity along with availability and reliability while maintaining a sustainable and affordable operating cost structure.

Their team of bulk material handling specialists possess expert skills which enable us to assist and support customers with management of bulk materials handling systems and related equipment, from conceptual design phase through to commissioning and operation. Their business is underpinned by world class technologies and expert professional services.


Business Case Evaluation, Feasibility Studies, Project Management and Diligence Services

Pre and post installation inspection and review services, are offered. We will visit site to assess the quality of the installation and report to the customer or lender. We also offer site inspections and reporting with recommendations on how to improve your plant.

Design Audit

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions can verify the mechanical design of a conveyor or series of conveyors designed by an OEM, prior to the procurement process. On projects that require high capital investment, it is good practice to have designed verified prior to funds being allocated for equipment. Post installations design audits are also available for conveyors that are already in place, as well as verification of equipment selection.

Detailed Conveyor Mechanical Design

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions offer optimised selection of conveyor belt width and speed, to suit the material characteristics and capacity required. Thereafter, we perform a detailed design using the profile required, selecting all mechanical equipment such as drives, pulleys, pulley shafts and bearings, idlers, at the recommended spacing and of course the conveyor belt, including carcass, cover type and thickness. From having calculated all tensions, the structural engineer can proceed with structural/foundation design.

Debottlenecking and Plant Optimisation Studies

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions can also advise the client on alternate efficient material transfer routes and alternate processes, thus optimising the footprint of the plant, reducing capital costs as well as long-term operational costs. Mass flow analysis is performed, ensuring equipment is correctly sized, and all with the aim of obtaining the most cost effective and best technical solution.

Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting

When equipment fails, there may be uncertainty as to the root cause of the failure. Often equipment is blamed, resulting in a debate between supplier and client. REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions will perform an independent assessment of the issues and report accordingly, but more importantly, also offer a long-term solution to the issue at hand. As part of failure analysis REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions also offers forensic engineering, where our technical expertise will visit the installation, assess the failure, determine the cause, perform a design review where necessary and recommend a suitable and practical solution to the client.

Conveyor Maintenance Strategies

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions can create a suitable maintenance strategy to suit the OEM requirements and assist with its implementation. The aim here is to increase the expected equipment life and assist towards optimising the total cost of ownership, by improving overall equipment reliability. As part of the maintenance regime REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions can assist the client with setting up condition monitoring devices to warn the user of possible deterioration of the conveyor belt and thus preventing catastrophic failure. REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions can train personnel on how to inspect a conveyor, identify operational and safety risks, and how to maintain such components. This is typically done with the client’s cooperation in terms of supplying spares.

Technical Support to the Client Supply Chain

Client procurement departments sometime require technical assistance with the selection of suitable vendors for the supply of bulk materials handling equipment and related process infrastructure. REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions’s technical personnel have extensive experience in the supply of materials handling equipment and are therefore able to support the client in compiling/evaluating tenders and to ensure that appropriate equipment suppliers are selected for client projects.


Discrete Element Modelling

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions use DEM flow simulations with a DEM package to show material flow through a chute and where product will contact the chute. This can be combined with wear protection materials like our REMALOX system, a ceramic and rubber product that increases the lifespan of the transfer chute thus extending asset reliability.

Finite Element Modelling

Finite Element Modelling is performed on typical tile patterns used on high powered conveyor pulleys. FEA will indicate the point where shear stress will cause the tiles to debond.

3D Modelling

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions understand how important productivity, constructability and accuracy are in order to deliver an efficient project. 3D modelling saves time, reduces risks and improves productivity on the construction site.

Conveyor Design Technology

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions have the in-house capability to design conveyors of any geometry, length, and drive configuration. They have expert understanding of conveyor design elements such as; vertical and horizontal curve analysis, belt turnover, static and dynamic analysis.


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