REMA TIP TOP provide lithium plant operators with a complete range of conveyor belting and components, wear protection, surface protection and dust suppression solutions tailored to the specific needs of your plant.

Every industry is different, as is every plant. The processing of raw materials, minerals and ores requires plant machinery and equipment to be operating efficiently at all times.

We live a technological world now charactersised by global connectivity. The need for lithium-ion batteries to power our connected devices is constantly growing, with the market expected to tip $25 trillion by 2025.

Australia plays a critical role in the extraction of this valuable commodity. Home to five of the world’s largest lithium mines, REMA TIP TOP is uniquely placed to support this vital industry as it provides raw materials to support the global need for electronic power solutions.

With global demand for lithium to support aircraft manufacturing, ceramis & glass production and even mental health medications, the future of lithium is bright.


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