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REMA TIP TOP Industrial Solutions gives hematite and magnetite iron ore plant operators a complete range of conveyor belting and components, wear protection and surface protection solutions tailored to the specific needs of your plant.

Every industry is different, as is every plant. The processing of raw materials, minerals and ores requires plant machinery and equipment to be operating efficiently at all times.

In the early 2000s global commodity markets grew dramatically, driven extensively by the urbanisation and industrialisation of emerging economies in Asia and Latin America. This was particularly evident in industries like iron ore. China continues to be one of the largest consumers of base metals, particularly for its steel mills and power generation.

The key challenges ahead for the iron ore industry are the rebalancing of supply and demand, stabilising global iron ore prices; domestic and international government decisions effecting sourcing of raw material; and the continued focus on operating costs for mine operators.


Case Studies

Hematite Ore

The mining, production and export of high-grade hematite ores currently accounts for approximately 50% of global iron ore production.

REMA TIP TOP’s core products in conveying solutions, wear and corrosion protection are tailored to, and proven in the iron ore industry around the world. Heavy duty wear protection systems feature high abrasion-resistance characteristics that increase the lifecycle and maintenance cycle of your plant and machinery many times over. Our conveyor maintenance products, services, technologies and analytical tools improve the efficiency of your assets, reducing maintenance costs and improving availability, while our Automotive group of products keeps your vehicles’ tyres on the road longer and improves their safety outcomes.

High-grade hematite is often referred to as “Direct Shipping Ore” or “DSO” because it is mined and beneficiated using a relatively simple crushing and screening process before being exported for use in steel mills.

Reduction in belt change out times


An iron ore port facility was experiencing inefficiencies as a result of their methodologies and response to conveyor maintenance.

  • Increased production time
  • Reduction in replacement windows
  • Immediate response to all breakdowns

At the time replacements were prepared and executed case-by-case which resulted in long shut-downs and risks with readiness and responsiveness. As a result, REMA TIP TOP implemented new belt and stock management, standardised equipment, upgraded and engineered equipment and introduced a new methodology. This resulted in a 43% reduction in replacement windows with an immediate response to all breakdown scenarios.


Monitoring belt condition for efficient change-outs


The REMA scan portable steel cord belt scanning unit is used to monitor a conveyor belt’s steel cord condition.

  • Set up in under 30 minutes
  • Accurate condition reports in under 10 mins

As the first of its kind in Australia, a REMA TIP TOP service team in the Pilbara installed the scan unit to provide more accurate information on the condition of the steel cord belt to help our  customer make informed decisions about belt change-outs. The initial trial of the REMA scan unit accurately mapped the number of splices, their location and their condition and cord damage. The site’s management was impressed with the speed and ease of the data collection to produce a simple report in under two minutes.


Reducing belt mis-tracking

Belt Tracking

An iron ore port facility was experiencing a high amount of belt mis-tracking and drift switch trips, which resulted in significant downtime and decreased production.

  • 80% reduction in downtime
  • Increased production
  • Reduced tracker maintenance costs/repairs

REMA TIP TOP conducted an initial survey and adjustment of the idler alignment and proceeded to install effective, custom engineered, fit-for-duty belt tracking units. The installation of these units has resulted in an 80% reduction in tracking related downtime, which has increased production.


Rapid response times


At a Pilbara port facility a steel plate lodged itself in a conveyor transfer chute, tearing 100 metres of wharf belt. REMA TIP TOP’s maintenance team assessed the damage and made the decision to carry out a 100 metre belt insert.

  • Rapid response maintenance team
  • Insert delivered in just over 2 days
  • O incidents

The repair was completed in just over two days and the conveyor system was back in operation. The customer was extremely impressed with REMA TIP TOP’s rapid response maintenance team being able to restore the port’s most critical conveyor belt so quickly and without any incidents.


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