Onsite Service & Maintenance

Our customers rely on our individualised, 24/7 service when something goes wrong. We offer a range of onsite service and maintenance solutions to keep you up and running.


Our service and maintenance solutions focus on plant availability. We have dedicated service and maintenance crews that are available 24/7 to assist with any major plant breakdowns.

Maintenance Services

  • 24/7 availability of service crews to assist with any major problems
  • Highly skilled, trained and motivated service crews
  • Belt splicing and repair
  • Pulley lagging and refurbishment
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Inspection, monitoring and consulting using CMMS

Spare Part and Equipment Management

  • Reliable spare management for components like pulleys, magnet belts, impact beds, pipes and more.
  • Reduced shutdown times whilst
  • Cost-efficient equipment hire, including 5-80 tonne belt winders, vulcanising equipment, winches, dehumidifiers, QA/QC equipment and more.

Turnkey Installation Services

  • Surface preparation
  • Abrasion blasting
  • Rubber lining application
  • QA/QC inspections and documentation
  • Installation of conveyor belts, pulleys, idlers, belt cleaners, skirting and more.

Our Experience

We have decades of experience working with industry leaders to keep their operations on the move. We provide products and services for Australia’s major mining houses, OEMs, EPCMs, and other organisations and suppliers across most industries. From specialist rubber lining, wear and corrosion protection, to total conveyor maintenance, management and product supply we are a global market leader in products and services for Materials Processing and Surface Protection.

In Australia, REMA TIP TOP has more than 700 employees, including a services network of more than 400 personnel operating out of strategically located hubs all around the country. As well as our on-site service capability we have rubber lining workshops in Perth and Brisbane with top-of-range equipment and people dedicated to this specialist trade.


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