Sand & Gravel

REMA TIP TOP Industrial Solutions gives sand & gravel plant operators a complete range of conveyor belting and components, wear protection and surface protection solutions tailored to the specific needs of your plant.

Every industry is different, as is every plant. The processing of raw materials, minerals and ores requires plant machinery and equipment to be operating efficiently at all times.

The sand & gravel industry supports a range of manufacturing and construction services, from building, road and bridge construction, to glass and glass product manufacturers. The demand on quarry operators for glass and cement related products promises to continue growing in a global socio-political environment focused on building a sustainable future.

However, this presents its own challenges for operators to be both sustainable by minimising operating expenditure and getting more mileage out of existing plants, and sustainable in terms of meeting the communities’ environmental expectations.

The REMA TIP TOP group of products plays to both these elements, with dust suppression systems minimising particle emissions and specialist mill lining systems for the sand and gravel industry that improves energy and product efficiencies.

Our range of wear protection and conveying solutions are also tailored to your plant’s requirements, reducing your maintenance costs, improving your conveyor availability and increasing the lifespan of your equipment and machinery.


Case Studies

Reducing wear on material transport vehicles


One of our sand and gravel customers was experiencing heavy wear on their transport vehicles with granite lump sizes of up to 1m3 causing rapid wear and loud noise when loading and unloading.

  • Significantly reduced wear
  • Shorter downtimes and longer product lifetime
  • Reduced caking and maintenance

To reduce this wear, the customer’s transport vehicles were lined with 100mm thick REMA TIP TOP HDL Plates. With a lifetime of approximately five years, these plates have significantly reduced wear, resulting in much shorter downtimes and increased throughput. The HDL Plates have also reduced caking which has reduced maintenance time spent on each transport vehicle.


Extending lifetimes of primary bunkers

HDL Plates

One of our customers was unhappy with the amount of heavy wear and short lifetime they were experiencing with their primary bunker lining at their sand and gravel plant.

  • Significantly reduced wear
  • Longer product service live
  • Reduced noise pollution

The situation was assessed by our REMA TIP TOP maintenance team who recommended our HDL Plates for the lining of the bunker. This product was recommended due to its minimal maintenance, ease to install, and long service life which is more than twice as long as competing products.


Longer lasting rubber lining on transfer chutes


Previously lined with a competitor’s product, one of our customers in Switzerland was experiencing a maximum lifetime of 12 weeks on their transfer chutes which was resulting in regular replacement of the lining product.

  • Lifetime when lined with competitor’s product
  • Lifetime when lined with REMALOX HD 75
  • Increased throughput

After an assessment by our maintenance team, the decision was made to line the transfer chutes with REMALOX HD 75, a long lasting, highly wear resistant rubber lining. With a lifetime of over 28 weeks, the REMALOX HD 75 rubber lining lasts over twice as long as competing products, allowing for increased throughput and less downtime.


Reducing wear on sand and gravel transfer chutes


At a sand and gravel processing plant, one of our customers was having difficulty with heavy wear on their transfer chutes, caused by broken sand and gravel sized between 0mm and 32mm,

  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Increase in service lifetime
  • Reduced caking

The transfer chutes were lined with REMALOX HD 35, a long lasting and highly wear resistant lining ideally suited for the customers’ transfer chutes. Since the installation of REMALOX HD 35 the customer has seen the service life double when compared to the previous lining, additionally reporting a substantial decrease in caking.


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