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REMA TIP TOP offers a range of services across the material processing, surface protection and automotive industries.


Our team of experienced industry experts is available to assure that our customers and business partners are trained in the correct use and application of the products we sell. Together with onsite delivery and Australia wide network of over the counter retail storefronts, we’re available to meet the needs of the Automotive industry.

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REMA TIP TOP continues to invest intensively in the development of new solutions based on the highest technical standards. International innovation teams analyse market requirements around the globe, observe mega trends and develop products and ideas for the future to help industries achieve operational excellence.

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Material Processing

REMA TIP TOP specialise in the integrated engineering and supporting services to help drive optimisation of production plants. Following over 50 years of research and development investment, our broad skill set and expertise allows us to empower industries to continuously improve production.

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Surface Protection

In the industrial world, corrosion causes millions of dollars of damage every year. REMA TIP TOP corrosion protection systems prevent such damage and maintain the value of your plant while contributing to environmental protection.

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