Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental sustainability, resource preservation, community engagement, and innovative solutions are at the heart of everything we do.


At REMA TIP TOP Australia, we are committed to supporting a range of programs and initiatives in our community and we’ve built a culture of giving back to the community in all our areas of operations. We have a focus on contributing to local organisations because that’s where we believe we can make the biggest difference. Through community giving initiatives we regularly support social impact groups including:

We’re also investing in Australia’s future by training the next generation of conveyor belt technicians through our own nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation. In our training facilities in Perth and Port Hedland, we’re equipping the next generation of tradespeople with the skills, experience, and qualifications they need to make successful careers in our industry. Conveyors maintenance has generally been a male dominated industry, and providing pathways for women in mining is something our team is passionate about. We’re providing career opportunities to First Nations trainees, and female trainees.

Environmental sustainability and preservation of resources are at the heart of the way we do things.

With our CFC and aromatics-free vulcanisation solutions, adhesive systems and cleaners, we are committed to environmental sustainability. Our approach lengthens the life cycle of tires, conveyors and processing plants, and thus makes a considerable contribution to raw materials savings across the globe.

Our specialists around the world continue to develop new materials and solutions in our laboratories, taking into account the most recent environmental regulations to create environmentally sustainable products and solutions.

Don’t replace it,
keep it

REMA TIP TOP is one of the largest tyre repair specialists – from bicycle, car, truck and motorcycle tyres up to OTR and EM tyres.

Repairs that have been professionally carried out permit both the continued use of the tyre, and, through retreading, create a second, and possibly a third, tyre life.

Our slogan of “don’t replace it, keep it” ensures that many millions of liters of crude oil are saved that would otherwise be needed for the production of new tyres.

Continuous Development

The REMA TIP TOP Product Development Department continuously works on the substitution of materials, plasticisers or solvents that are health hazards and develops new environmentally-friendly materials.

REMA TIP TOP also places great emphasis on sustainability in our production processes. We continually strive to optimise the energy efficiency of our systems, use raw materials more effectively and utilise, for example, new processes to allow us to utilise waste materials.

Where at all possible, we use renewable energy sources. In our production facility at Howick in South Africa, for example, around 15 % of the energy consumed is generated by water power delivered by a waterfall in the direct vicinity of our factory premises.

Sustainability is of fundamental value within the framework of our strategic growth planning. We design our internal processes from the resource efficiency perspective and align our products and services even more specifically to the requirements of our customers.


In this sector, REMA TIP TOP was the first company in the world to be ISO-certified. Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is confirmation of our high-quality standards.

By 1995, REMA TIP TOP had, as the first company in this industrial sector, achieved QS certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 for the Poing, Fuerstenzell and Desdorf facilities.

The Wittenberg factory also achieved DIN EN ISO 9002 certification in 1995 and in the meantime DIN EN ISO 90012008 has also been successfully achieved. We are very proud of this and of the employees who made it possible.

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