MCube Steel Cord Scan System (SCS)

Accurate and reliable detection of belt damage

Get the best understanding of your conveyor belt with our MCube Steel Cord Scan System that provides accurate, reliable and immediate detection of damaged cables and splice cord condition. The Steel Cords in your conveyor belts are integral to the safe operation of the conveyor system. Yet, they are covered in rubber, making it difficult if not impossible to visually assess their condition. Hidden within the rubber, the Steel Cords are smashed during material loading, fatigued from continual bending, damaged when the belt drifts into structure and corroded from water ingress. In such events where the cords are damaged or broken, the tension is spread to the remaining cords. Left unchecked those remaining cords are more likely to break, leading towards a potential catastrophic belt tear. From a reliability and risk mitigation standpoint, it is imperative to inspect Steel Cords within belting. REMA TIP TOP offer this service with our proprietary state of the art MCube Steel Cord Scan (SCS) System. With unparalleled resolution, the MCube SCS will detect even single cord damage and for every damage event estimate the number of cords affected. It delivers immediate results to the technician who can then inspect or alert you to any critical faults on the day. A final report provides recommendations on managing the damage. Additionally, the MCube SCS automatically identifies the splices in the belt and produces a belt map. The technician will check for splice integrity from the resulting images. REMA TIP TOP offers this service as a once off check, as a routine maintenance inspection, or even as a permanent continuous monitoring system. Get in touch with us to discuss what strategy suits your needs.

Product Information


  • The MCube Steel Cord Scan System is a state- of-the-art conveyor belt steel cord scanning system.
  • The system operates continuously while the belt is in operational mode.
  • The belt does not have to be stopped.
  • The system has zero contact with the conveyor belt.
  • The system is suited for all width‘s of conveyor belts.
  • The system can be installed on new and used conveyor belts.
  • TCP/IP network connectivity from sensor array to scanning computer.
  • Every revolution of the conveyor belt gets recorded after the magnetization process.
  • Unlimited belt image history is stored in the system database to compare historical and latest scanned images.
  • Any damage to the conveyor belt can be identified accurately using belt length scale provided.
  • The system is easy to install and has low maintenance.
  • The system shows all cord damage on the conveyor belt, offering cost saving to the client.
  • The system enclosure is IP65 rated and is suitable for all mining environments.
  • Reporting software available in several languages.


Supply voltage 100 – 277VAC 50/60 Hz, 15 Amp
Ambient Temperature Range -40 – +70oC
Working Humidity 20 – 90% RH NON Condensing
Ethernet Connectivity Cat 5 Copper – (RG-45) Socket (10
Ethernet Connectivity Cat 5 Copper – (RG-45) Socket (10
OS and Processing Power OS – Ubuntu 14.04 c/w all critical security updates Compatible laptop computer
Processor – Intel Celeron, CPU 1037U, 1.80 GHz, (2 cpu‘S) Ram – 4096 MB
Hard drive – 500 GB Disk capacity
Sensor Enclosure rating IP 65 Rating – No ingress of dust, complete protection against contact. Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harm- ful efects.
Sensor Enclosure mounting brackets 4x Mounting eye bolts on each sensor array module.
Number of Sensor Array Modules 4
Single module size 600mm x 170mm x 100mm
Complete four module assembly size 2400mm x 170mm x 100mm

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