MCube RFID Belt Rip Detection

Detect belt rips faster

The Belt Rip Detection System uses the latest RFID technology. By using our new RFID antennas we are able to offer protection to all types of conveyor belts ie. steel- cord, plied belting and PVC belts. With the RFID antenna costing a fraction of conventional antenna sensor loops we are able to offer our clients significant savings. Due to the lower price of the single RFID antenna we are able to install the antennas at shorter intervals offering greater protection to the conveyor belts by minimizing longitudinal rips within the belt. The Belt Rip Detection System does not only detects our unique RFID antennas, it also detects inductive sensor loops making the system incredibly versatile by monitoring belts with any existing sensor loops installed.

Product Information


  • The specialised RFID chip can withstand tempera- tures up to 230 degrees Celsius, therefore having zero effect on the tag during the vulcanization process
  • The system can be operated by the control room operator directly from the control room
  • Multiple network connectivity like TCP/IP, WIFI and Serial are available
  • The RFID reader can detect the unique RFID antenna at a speed of 15 m/s
  • Each RFID antenna has a unique identification code
  • The software generates a map of the entire belt after only one full revolution


Supply voltage 110 / 240VAC 50/60Hz, 15 Amp stable power source
Ambient Temperature Range -40 – +70oC
Working Humidity 20 – 90% RH NON Condensing
Ethernet Connectivity Cat 5 Copper – (RG-45) Socket (10 100 MHz) Wireless Wi-Fi Connection – 802.11 a/b/g/n
OS and Processing Power OS – Microsoft Windows 8.1 c/w all critical security updates CAPE-7 Mini PC
Processor – Intel Celeron, CPU 1037U, 1.80 GHz, (2 cpu‘S) Ram – 4096 MB
Hard drive – 500 GB Disk capacity
Monitor 17 Inch touch screen monitor
Operating temperature of RFID tag – 40 to 230 C
System Enclosure and Sensor Enclosure rating IP 65 Rating – No ingress of dust, complete protection against contact. Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harm- ful effects.
System enclosure mounting brackets 4 x Mounting brackets on back side of enclosure (13 mm)
RFID Tag reader UHF Alien RFID Reader, POE, TCP/IP and RS-232 c/w en- closure and cable glands.
RFID Tag UHF RFID tag c/w unique address.

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