Cloud Based Service Management

Whilst hardware technology solutions provide the means to collect data and information, equally important to plant operators is the management, analysis and reporting of this data and information. Cloud-based solutions, provided by CCube, enable an efficient, controlled maintenance workflow for equipment, whilst providing real time reporting and planning of maintenance and inspection activities, all while minimising unplanned downtime. In today’s fast paced world, plant operators want access to data at any time wherever they are. Cloud-based solutions provide operators access to this data and information in real time, wherever they are in the country, from any device, whether desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. This solution provides access to various reports and data visualisations that allow for simplified planning and problem identification, efficient digital information management and fast and comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Product Information


  • A central global system that works with local offline-enabled clients
  • Worldwide available around the clock
  • Customer plant management at component level
  • System-supported and semi-automated inspection
  • Electronic data collection with state-of-the-art mobile systems
  • Automated reporting based on quality-assured processes
  • Automated suggestion scheme for improvement activities


  • Improvement of system downtimes and minimization of unplanned downtimes
  • Increase of productivity and performance
  • Costreduction
  • Planning of maintenance work, downtimes and repairs
  • Better information for an improved flow of purchasing and procurement logistics

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