MCube Radar Based Sensor Systems

Radar Based Sensor Systems

Product Information

Radar Based Sensor Systems

RADAR Belt Volume Scanning System

  • Industrial grade, 77 GHz volume detection radar sensor
  • High-resolution measurements results between 0 to 150 m
  • Detects volume not mass, as storage and transport facilities like belts are limited by volume, not by mass
  • Integrates easily in any hardware and software infrastructure


RADAR Belt Speed Measuring System

  • Slippage free, safe and stable contactless measurements
  • Real material speed as data output – not pulley speed
  • Replaces maintenance-intensive measurement wheels
  • Detects slow-moving objects < 0.1 m/s
  • Guaranteed one time calibration, no further maintenance


RADAR Belt Alignment Measuring System

  • Detect belt slippage long before switches will react
  • Contact-free 400 Hz measurements
  • Measures freeboard for optimizing material flow rates
  • Supreme accuracy level in mm area
  • Guaranteed one-time calibration, no further maintenance


Reliable data

  • Tough environments
  • Inclined belts
  • Short belts
  • Apron feeders


Process control

  • Maximise throughput
  • Avoid overloading
  • Fair intra-division accounting
  • 0.34mm accuracy


Easy installation

  • No software installation
  • One-time calibration
  • No maintenance
  • No cleaning


High accuracy

  • Typical accuracy of 99%
  • Contact free measurement
  • Remote calibration audit service

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