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Investing in innovation and partnerships for a sustainable future.

Historically we have worked with traditional partners within our industry to provide products and services and this has served us well.

However, to continue to provide innovative, high quality product and service solutions, we’ve started to broaden our focus on building new partnerships to increase our capabilities and meet our customer needs into the future.

We understand from our customers the overwhelmingly positive response to the quality, value and innovation that our products and services provide.

This is a direct result of our continued focus and investment in REMA TIP TOP technologies and service solutions, as well as new partnerships with industry leaders including, ESS, ULMA, Tribotech, Britrac and soon Wear System Solutions, to provide the highest quality for our customers around the country.

With the recent announcement of our new Brisbane Centre of Excellence, mirroring the strong capabilities of our Perth operations on the east coast of Australia, we believe we are well placed to serve new and existing customers. This, combined with an increased commitment to training a new workforce to meet our own growing needs and also to help sustainably supply the industries in which we operate, we’re demonstrating that we’re future focused.

The last three years have been challenging for us as we’ve acquired a range of businesses in Australia to underpin our global brand. Our Australian operations are critical in the Asia Pacific region, representing the majority of industry growth opportunities. Now, we’re excited to announce that all of the pieces are in play for us to truly exceed our customers’ expectations and bring new approaches and technologies to market. We can’t wait to start working with you to leverage our products and services into industrial solutions that meet your needs today and into the future.

As CEO Asia Pacific, I am very excited about the range of opportunities available moving forward and would like to personally thank you for your ongoing support. Please join me and the REMA TIP TOP team to implement these opportunities for your business.

Benedikt Schneider