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Leading from the front on safety.

Earlier this month our team at Anderson Point completed one of their biggest shutdowns of the year, completing 2 major belt changes, 30 scraper refurbishments, over 500 roller changes and even finding time to assist another contractor with another belt replacement.
Combined, the work undertaken during the shutdown equated to over 2200 man hours, all completed incident and injury free with fantastic support and determination from all involved in the shutdown.
A special shout out goes out to Vasko Bareski and Jack Middlemass for their outstanding performance, going above and beyond to carry out the shutdown to the highest quality and the safest standards. Being new to the site, Vasko took the lead of his crew and was identified by the FMG shut team as a key performer. Always looking to what’s next, Jack received great praise from Matt Gray for his performance.
Congratulations to everybody involved for another successful shutdown!
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