REMACLEAN AU - P Type Belt Cleaner

Secondary belt cleaners for light to heavy-duty material processing

REMA TIP TOP offer a full range of P Type Secondary and P type retractable belt cleaners universally used as a secondary cleaner across all light to heavy duty material processing applications. The P Type belt cleaner is a proven and reliable secondary belt cleaner. Our market leading P Type retractable belt cleaning systems are ergonomically designed to reduce manual handling and belt cleaner servicing. This leads to improved safety, increased conveyor availability and reduced cleanup costs. Our retractable cleaning systems are made with safety, functionality and quality in mind giving our customers value for money whilst tailoring solutions that are cost effective and safer for their workforce.

Product Information


P Type Standard

  • 304 Stainless Steel as standard
  • High cleaning efficiency through ideal adaptation of the Tungsten blades to the belt surface
  • Long service life through the use of highly wear-resistant Tungsten Tips and cast stainless steel components
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Interchangeable with most standard P Type belt cleaner assemblies.
  • Australian Manufactured from local and imported components.
  • Custom made option to suit non standard installations and customer specific requirement
  • Built in spray bar options available


P Type Retractable

In addition to the standard H Type:

  • Safest Belt Cleaner to maintain on the market
  • Faster and easier maintenance
  • Custom made option to suit non standard installations and customer specific requirements
  • No requirement to remove the cleaner pole completely
  • Split rail options allow for easy removal from limited space areas
  • Eliminates the risk of dropping scraper pole during removal or installation

Area of Application

  • Universally applicable as a pre cleaner or main cleaner for manny types of materials such as Sand, Gravel, Coal, Ignites, Ores, Sinter, Cement, and in the chemical industry.
  • The Retractable Pole option pro- vides increased safety and reduced maintenance benefits and is especially suitable where space is limited.


Pole options

  • Standard P Type Pole
  • Standard P Type with water spray
  • Reinforced P Type Pole
  • Extra Heavy Duty P Type Pole


Mounting/tension options

  • Standard P Type mounting
  • Spring tension


Rail options

  • Standard rail
  • Split rail
  • Segmented rails


Cushion options

  • Standard P Type Cushion (55 duro)
  • P Type Cushion Heavy Duty High Speed 70 Duro


Tip options

  • Standard S/S tungsten tip 10mm • Heavy-duty S/S tungsten tip 15mm
  • Heavy Duty Extra Life 20mm tungsten tip
  • Heavy Duty Extra Life 25mm tungsten tip

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