Product Information


1. Service life
Thanks to highly wear resistant grades of rubber or polyurethane, TIP TOP REMASCREEN mats last on average 6 to 10 times longer than steel screen mats. The service life may even be 20 to 50 times longer in certain applications.

2. Screening
State-of-the art production methods and highquality rubber and PUR make it possible to produce maximum open screening areas. If all the necessary technical specifications are known, we will guarantee specified screening, if required, for example according to the TL Min-StB 94 or DIN 4226 part 1 standards or in accordance with specific agreements. (In particular, we can guarantee compliance with oversize and undersize tolerances without any reduction in the feed capacity).

3. Cleaning
Pegging is counteracted by the elasticity of the screen surface material and the relatively low thickness of the screen mats as well as by the „diabolo“- shape of the apertures, which is achieved by means of special punching tools. Due to the smooth top surface of the screen mat, passing material tends to catch less easily on fabric plies or steel reinforcing bars than on wire screens.

4. Self-cleaning
The dryscreening of materials with a high fines content and critical humidity often leads to caking, which may considerably reduce the efficiency of the screening system.
TIP TOP REMASCREEN mats have a high selfcleaning effect, due to their elasticity, their natural vibration and the special shape of the apertures (e.g. rectangular apertures or elongated apertu- res). Caked materials automatically disperse when the screen is in operation; this makes screening possible even under extreme conditions where rigrid screen systems would very quickly fail.

5. Noise reduction
Unlike steel screens, REMASCREEN mats help to actively reduce noise: i.e. elastic screen mats produce much less noise –
5 – 20 dB (A) depending on the screen machine! Therefore savings can be made in costs that would normally be incurred with the introduction of noise prevention measures such as screen housing or noise protection dams. Through the rubber lining of feed, side tension and discharge plates noise levels can be further reduced.

6. Installation and maintenance
REMASCREEN mats are custom made to suit each screen ma- chine; this is why the construction of the screen machines need not be modified. The service life of REMASCREEN mats is si- gnificantly longer than that of steel screen mats, which results in extended intervals between the necessary inspection and maintenance jobs. (i.e. cost- and timesavings).
Blind areas in the screen mat, cover the cross arms and longi- tudinal bracings of the screen machine thus protecting them from wear without reducing the open screening area. This helps to preserve the value of a screen machine for a much longer period of time.

7. Service
We have gained many years ́experience in equipping a wide va- riety of screen machines (from the majority of screen machine manufacturers) with our REMASCREEN rubber screen mats; therefore, we are able to give you optimum technical advice. An established distribution network with agencies in Germany and over 50 agencies throughout Europe enables us to be close to our customers and to offer them efficient after-sales service. It goes without saying that our REMASCREEN products meet high quality standards and have short delivery times.

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