Our Product Range

REMA TIP TOP offers a range of products and services for corrosion and wear protection for conveying and processing plants as well as leading the market in the Automotive industry for tyre repair products and services.

Material Handling

Conveyor Belting

We produce and supply a range of conveyor belts, including fabric ply, steel cord and solid woven belts, manufactured to suit a large range of applications in mining, construction, food processing, quarrying and other industrial applications.

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Conveyor Components

We work in partnership with market leading suppliers to offer a wide range of conveyor components including idlers, rollers, frames, pulleys, pulley lagging, belt cleaning systems, belt skirting systems, trackers and much more.

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Wear Protection

We offer a range of wear protection solutions including rubber lining, heavy duty rubber lining, anti-caking solutions, adhesives, screen mats and mill linings that extend the service life of your equipment and increase plant availability.

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Surface Protection

Coating Systems

Our surface protection coatings offer optimal corrosion resistance and are designed to prevent corrosive damage and maintain the value of your plant.

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Lining Systems

Our rubber, brick and fluoropolymer lining solutions offer your plant’s process vessels, storage tanks, flue gas scrubbers, thickeners and pipelines dependable and long-term protection against abrasive materials and harsh chemicals.

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