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Worldwide market leader

As the worldwide market leader in the tyre repair sector, we offer specialist operators a vast range of products and accessories to repair any tyre, be it for a wheel barrow or a huge OTR tyre.

Our cooperation with major tyre manufacturers and suppliers of retreads always ensures innovative high-quality solutions.

Research and development is based in Germany, connecting with the world, and “Made in Germany” applies to our products.

Rema Tip Top tyre repair material is available in the most remote corners of the globe. Through our corporate subsidiaries or local distributors we promote not only the products but also the skills of repairing the resource “tyre”, providing intensive training programs.

Covering Australia

Covering Australia

Service is Rema Tip Top’s focus. With 7 warehouses and 29 sales trucks all over the country, we can assure regular visits to almost everywhere in Australia, providing in-store delivery, consulting, invoicing - always at the same professional level.

Our reliable visit schedule plus emergency supply all over the continent has no equal.

Industry Experts

As Rema Tip Top we pride ourselves in having an outstanding team of industry experts on the road and in the offices, many with over 10 years in the business.

The most obscure question in the field of tyre service and tyre repair will be taken seriously and we will provide a satisfactory answer, recommendation and/or product.

The experienced Rema Tip Top staff will allow our customers to focus on their business, being able to trust that the workshop is equipped with all essentials.

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