Guide Rollers

Designed to reduce belt drifting

For various reasons, the conveyor belt may at times, tend to drift laterally. Guide rollers help to reduce this drifting.

Product Information


PS Series Guide Rollers

  • These are assembled using spherical ball bearings, protected by labyrinth seals and constructed with similar characteristics to PSV Series Rollers.


PSV/G7 Series Guide Rollers

  • These guide rollers get the shell made by thick tube ΓΈ 60×8. They are very robust and are used as standard in the self-centralising transoms of all the belt widths.


MPS-RTL Series Guide Rollers

  • These are the most cost effective series of guide rollers designed and produced with the identical characteristics to the load carrying roller itself, of high quality and capacity.

Area of Application

  • Mines
  • Quarries
  • Cement works
  • Coal-fired power plant
  • Dock installations

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