A cross-section of a black cylindrical object, resembling a Hard-Wall Reducer Hose, reveals a layered interior, including a wooden layer and a dark, ribbed outer shell. Labels with text are visible on the outer surface.

Pinch Valve Hose

Precision Flow Control for Industrial Applications

The Pinch Valve Hose is engineered for standard delivery applications, especially where flow reduction or stoppage is needed. This flexible yet rigid hose is perfect for slurry and liquid transfer industries, offering high wear resistance with its natural rubber lining. Custom-designed to meet specific requirements, it ensures reliable performance in demanding environments.

Product Information

Technical Specifications

Hose Size: DN32 – DN600
Hose Length: Up to 12 metres
Pressure Rating: 700 KPA to 2000 KPA
Temperature Rating: -20°C to 80°C
Safety Factor: 4:1

Material Specifications

Inner Liner: Natural rubber in various thicknesses and compounds
Reinforcement: Multiple plies of nylon cord fabric
Outer Cover: Black abrasion and UV-resistant natural rubber

End Connections and Options

End Fittings: Fixed flanges, swivel flanges, plain cut, cuffed, swollen, custom fittings
Flange Types: D, E, F, ANSI 150, ANSI 300, Custom
Materials: Stainless steel, Hot-dipped galvanised, Carbon steel, Custom paint

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