REMACLEAN AU - H Series Polyurethane Mono Arm Belt Cleaner

Polyurethane mono arm belt cleaner

REMA TIP TOP offer a full range of H Series primary and H series retractable belt cleaners universally used as a primary cleaner across all light to heavy duty material processing applications. The H Series belt cleaner is a proven and reliable primary belt cleaner. Our market leading H Series retractable belt cleaning systems are ergonomically designed to reduce manual handling and belt cleaner servicing. This leads to improved safety, increased conveyor availability and reduced cleanup costs.

Product Information


H Series Standard

  • 304 Stainless Steel as standard
  • High cleaning efficiency through ideal adaptation of the Tungsten blades to the belt surface
  • Long service life through the use of highly wear-resistant Tungsten Tips and cast stainless steel components
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Interchangeable with most standard H Series belt cleaner assemblies.
  • Australian Manufactured from local and imported components.
  • Custom made option to suit non standard installations and customer specific requirements


H Series Retractable

In addition to the standard H Series:

  • Safest Belt Cleaner to maintain on the market
  • Faster and easier maintenance
  • Custom made option to suit non standard installations and customer specific requirements

Area of Application

  • Universally applicable as a pre cleaner or main cleaner for many types of materials such as Sand, Gravel, Coal, Ignites, Ores, Sinter, Cement, and in the chemical industry.
  • The Retractable Pole option provides increased safety and reduced maintenance benefits and is especially suitable where space is limited.


Cushion Options

  • Standard H Series Cushion (70 duro)
  • *RTT standard Cushion is equivalent to Heavy Duty High speed cushion


Arm Options

  • Standard H Series Suspension Arm • Poly mono arm (available in SS, S, M, L & LL sizes)
  • *RTT Standard suspension arm is equivalent to Heavy Duty


Pole Options

  • Standard H Series Pole
  • Reinforced H Series Pole
  • Extra Heavy Duty H Series Pole
  • PERFORMANCE Extra Heavy Duty H Series Pole


Mounting/tension Options

  • Standard Screw mounting
  • Spring tension mounting
  • Compression spring mounting
  • Pneumatic tension mounting
  • Hydraulic tension mounting


Retractable pole Options

  • Standard rail
  • Split rail
  • Segmented rails

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