Belt cleaner scraper for the cleaning of steep incline conveyor belts

REMACLEAN SGF-PUR with a PUR comb is a belt cleaning scraper for cleaning the carrying side of steep incline belts, especially belts with CHEVRON profile.

Product Information


  • Unique cleaning system for steep incline conveyor belts
  • CHEVRON – belts with up to 24 mm cleat height
  • Brush rotation direction is against belt running direction
  • Long service life of the combs through the use of highly wear-resistant polyurethane
  • Can also be used with oil and greasy bulk material
  • PUR combs screwed to shaft, quick replacement
  • Suitable for belt speeds up to 2.5 m/s
  • ATEX version on request

Area of Application

  • Especially for the hard rock industry
  • Glas recycling
  • For the use with oil and greasy bulk┬ámaterials

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