The self-extinguishing universal lagging for heavy-duty operating conditions

REMAGRIP 70 V is self-extinguishing and antistatic. It has been specially designed for challenging ATEX operating conditions with high fire regulation or potentially explosive environments such as coal mines or power plants for example.

Product Information


  • Self-extinguishing, antistatic REMAGRIP 70 premium quality
  • Moderate oil resistant
  • Reduces slippage between belt and pulley
  • Improves and stabilizes coefficient of friction
  • Evacuation of moisture and dirt
  • Protects the pulley from wear and corrosion
  • Prevents material build-up
  • Positive influence on belt tracking
  • Deep grooving to handle large amounts of dirt and provide long operating life
  • CN bonding layer provides fast and good adhesion


* Surface and volume resistivity < 1 x 10^6 Ohm, tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 284, DIN IEC 93.

**Fulfills DIN 22100-7 safety requirements (fire safety, hygiene, electrical).

Area of Application

  • Grooved rubber lagging for drive pulleys
  • Long belt conveyors
  • Large pulley diameters (from 800 mm)
  • For high-tension fabric and steel cord belts of all strengths


Polymer basis CR DIN ISO 1629
Specific Weight 1.39 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Hardness 60 Shore A DIN ISO 7619-1
Electric resistance Antistatic*
Inflammability Self-extinguishing**
CN bonding layer Conductive, black
Profile 8 x 6 oder 10 x 8 (Profile 50)
Colour Black

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