Rapid belt repair

With the new 2-component repair compound REMAREP ULTRA 10, the repair time for minor damage to conveyor belts or elastomer components is considerably reduced. This new product innovation repairs every conveyor belt in a quality comparable to the original material, as well as providing resistance to UV rays, oil and diesel fuel.

Product Information


  • Exceptionally fast curing time – At 24° Celsius the hardness after 15 minutes is an average of 65 Shore A
  • Red colour allows previous repairs to be visually traced and the overall condition of the conveyor belt to be assessed
  • Comparable wear properties to the original material
  • Resistance to UV rays, oil and diesel fuel

Area of Application

  • Conveyor belt repair
  • Temporary repair of damage to ceiling panels and longitudinal cracks in the conveyor belt
  • Sealing of punctures in the belt
  • Fill joints in rubber linings
  • Cosmetic repairs to PU, PVC and elastomer components

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