REMASKIRT Polyurethane Skirt Soft

Soft Polyurethane Skirting

The REMASKIRT Polyurethane Skirt Soft provides high wear and tear resistance while still providing excellent sealing properties. REMASKIRT Polyurethane Skirt Soft can be retrofitted to most skirt clamping systems. REMASKIRT Polyurethane Skirt Soft delivers excellent sealing properties particularly when used in connection with REMASLIDE impact bars.

Product Information


  • Excellent wear and tear resistance suitable for heavy wear conditions
  • Belt friendly with 62 Shore A
  • Excellent sealing performance with 45 Degree Bevel edge
  • Less wastage with standard 15m/30m long
  • Various width and thickness is available
  • FRAS polyurethane soft skirt is available

Area of Application

  • Chute sealing system for conveyor system transfer point
  • Suitable for fine-grained and dusty material
  • Skirting rubber at Heavy-duty loading areas


Colour Orange
Rubber PUR DIN ISO 1629
Hardness 62 Shore A DIN ISO 7619-1
Density 1.22 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Tensile strength 35 N/mm2 DIN 35 504
Elongation at break 650% DIN 35 504
Resilience 55% DIN 35 512

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