Dynamic trough tracker

Our premium range of REMATRACK TTX tracking units provide continuous guiding and support to correct any belt misalignment. REMATRACK TTX ensures the conveyor belt runs central, preventing damages to the belt and complete conveyor system. REMATRACK TTX will increase plant availability and productivity through less downtime whilst offering improved safety to your workforce.

Product Information


  • Adjusted external to the conveyor system to enable safe precise commissioning and adjustment after installation and during day to day operations
  • Automatic dynamic self-adjusting
  • Heavy duty robust design
  • High- quality polyurethane lagging with high wear-resisting property
  • F.R.A.S. polyurethane lagging available
  • NSK thrust and cylinder bearings configuration available


  • Easy maintenance
  • Individual rollers for easy replacement
  • One step casting polyurethane lagging to ensure longer service life
  • Safer, easy and faster adjustment
  • Increased plant availability
  • Protects conveyor assets

Area of Application

  • Suited for all conveyor systems where belt drift and uncontrolled tracking occur
  • Suited for both standard and heavy duty application

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