Cross-sectional view of a soft wall delivery hose with metal flanges at both ends, showcasing internal layers and materials including a brown reinforcing layer.

Soft-Wall Delivery Hose

Flexible and Durable Solutions for Delivery Applications

The Soft Wall Delivery Hose is designed for standard delivery applications, providing flexibility with a durable construction. Ideal for slurry and liquid transfer industries, this hose offers high wear resistance with its natural rubber lining. Custom-designed to meet customer specifications, it ensures reliable performance in demanding environments.

Product Information

Technical Specifications

Hose Size: DN32 – DN600
Hose Length: Up to 12 metres
Pressure Rating: 700 KPA to 2000 KPA
Temperature Rating: -20°C to 80°C
Safety Factor: 4:1

Material Specifications

Inner Liner: Natural rubber in various thicknesses and compounds
Reinforcement: Multiple plies of nylon cord fabric
Outer Cover: Black abrasion and UV-resistant natural rubber

End Connections and Options

End Fittings: Fixed flanges, swivel flanges, plain cut, cuffed, swollen, custom fittings
Flange Types: D, E, F, ANSI 150, ANSI 300, Custom
Materials: Stainless steel, Hot-dipped galvanised, Carbon steel, Custom paint

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