Splicing Kits for Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Splicing, repair materials and tools for steel cord conveyor belts

REMA TIP TOP Steel Cord conveyor belt splicing kits and materials have been developed using our extensive knowledge, experience and proven performance in extreme applications worldwide. With an increased demand for longevity and protection against unplanned interruptions, REMA TIP TOP splicing materials deliver high quality compounds with uniform gauge, unmatched shelf life and compatibility with most major brands of conveyer belting. REMA TIP TOP splicing kits contain all required materials and solutions for on-site conveyor belt splicing. REMA TIP TOP also offers Critical spare splice kit inventory management to further reduce downtime and cost during unplanned outages.

Product Information


  • STB-STZ NL Combination Cover Panels STB- Edge Fill
  • STZ NL Intermediate Cord Fill Noodles STL-NL4 Heating Solution
  • Cleaning Fluid CF-R4, CF-CE
  • Tools, Round Head Beltman’s Brushes, Measuring buckets
  • Silicone Release Paper
  • Nylon Release Fabric
  • Pressure Equalising Cloth
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Splice kit contents may vary depending upon splice designation


  • Splicing and repair of multiply fabric conveyor belts
  • Compatible with most belts
  • Superior shelf life
  • Quality raw materials provide consistent workability
  • Fully extruded panels with up to 15mm gauge
  • Extrusion process eliminates possibility of air pockets and scorched layers
  • Materials and solutions available separately for repairs
  • Complementing range of splice preparation tools also available

Available Additions

Solutions & Solvents

We provide a range of solutions and solvents for of conveyor belt types.


  • One solution used for cables and skives reduces wastage and chances of operator error
  • Provides good tack and facilitates cable to tie gum adhesion
  • STL-RF is non-flammable for use in high-risk environments


Cover Compounds

We provide two compounds which exceed most brand name belt specifications.

Cover & Repair Compounds

  • STB: Exceeds AS-M Grade and DIN-X requirements for abrasion loss, elongation, and tensile strength
  • STB-A: Unique to Australia, providing properties which exceed AS-A Grade and most common brand name belting high abrasion

Tie Gum & Intermediate Cable Fill Noodles

  • STZ NL: Excellent cord to rubber and rubber to rubber adhesion
  • Wire fills available in standard or custom cut dimensions

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