Discrete Element Modelling

A REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions service

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Services uses Discrete Element Modelling flow simulations with a Discrete Element Modelling package to show material flow through a chute and where product will contact the chute.

This can be combined with wear protection materials like our REMALOX system, a ceramic and rubber product that increases the lifespan of the transfer chute thus extending asset reliability.


REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions

REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions provides premium technical advisory services for bulk materials handling systems and associated equipment. Their approach and offering are available on a global scale to improve and enhance your bulk materials handling system and equipment capacity along with availability and reliability while maintaining a sustainable and affordable operating cost structure.

Their team of bulk material handling specialists possess expert skills which enable them to assist and support their customers with management of bulk materials handling systems and related equipment, from conceptual design phase through to commissioning and operation which is all underpinned by world class technologies and expert professional services.




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