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Tribotech is a Western Australian based organisation that manufactures high quality conveyor rollers to suit the demanding needs of the mining, quarry, agriculture, ship loading, and bulk material handling industries.

Overtime Tribotech has developed an excellent reputation and proven history of providing a comprehensive range of conveyor rollers with the capacity to service all our customers’ needs to a consistent high standard beyond customers expectation.

Tribotech conveyor rollers are manufactured and designed in-house to the highest standard, using industries premium products. Tribotech is committed to producing high quality products that deliver sustainable value to our clients.

Tribotech lead the way in the engineering and manufacturing of conveyor rollers, priding themselves on innovation to ensure their equipment continues to evolve with the ever-demanding manufacturing needs of their clients.

Learn more about Tribotech here.

Weartech Composite Rollers

Weartech Composite Rollers combine the best of both steel and plastic rollers, offering a roller life beyond conventional steel rollers while remaining belt-friendly, strong, lightweight and high quality.


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