Weartech Composite Rollers

High-quality, lightweight composite roller

Weartech Composite Rollers combine the best of both steel and plastic rollers, offering a roller life beyond conventional steel rollers while remaining belt-friendly, strong, lightweight and high quality.

Product Information


5x Roller Life

Weartech Composite Rollers have proven to offer phenomenal wear resistance against the most abrasive applications, outlasting steel rollers by a factor of up to 5.

5x Load Capacity

Weartech Composite Rollers are high-load capacity rollers, offering 5 to 6 times the strength of common plastic rollers made of PVC or HDPE and close to that of steel rollers. All Weartech Composite Rollers are machined for optimal roundness and low T.I.R., significantly increasing the life of the rollers.

40% Lighter

Weartech Composite Rollers are in average 40% lighter than equivalent steel rollers. This not only reduces safety risks, bit also improves roller installation productivity.


Belt friendly

Weartech Composite Rollers feature Composite Housing Technology which is completely belt friendly and eliminates the risk of damage to the belt.

Extended roller life

Weartech Composite Rollers are designed to maximise the achieved life through a low total indicator runout (T.I.R.), a heavy duty sealing arrangement and unique composite housing technology.

Reduced noise and power consumption

A low T.I.R. also allows for lower noise emissions and power consumption.

Commercial savings

Weartech Composite Rollers provide cost savings through reduced roller replacements, lower labour costs and reduced downtime.

Area of Application

  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Agriculture
  • Ship loading
  • Bulk material handling

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