Motorised Pulleys

A hermetically sealed, highly efficient geared motor drive

Our Motorised Pulley is a highly efficient geared motor drive, which is hermetically sealed in a steel cylindrical shell. It is therefore unaffected by dust, water, oil, grease or other harmful substances. It's quick and simple to install and requires virtually no maintenance.

Product Information


Our Motorised Pulley is a highly efficient geared motor drive, which is hermetically sealed in a steel cylindrical shell. The shell, which is normally crowned to ensure belt tracking, is fitted with bearing housings incorporating precision bearings, double lipped oils seals and rotates on a pair of shafts.

The motor stator is fixed to the shafts and the motor winding cables passes through one of the shafts, eliminating the need for slip rings and brushes. The squirrel cage induction motor, manufactured in steel laminate, is machined concentric to high tolerances and designed to give a strong starting torque for 3 phase versions. The rotor pinion is coupled directly to the gearbox.

The gearbox transmits torque to the shell through a geared rim and provides a highly efficient motor, with very little frictional losses.

The Motorised Pulley is oil filled, which acts as a lubricant and coolant. Heat is dissipated through the shell and conveyor belt.

Features & Benefits

Totally enclosed

The motor, gearbox and bearings are totally enclosed and sealed inside a steel shell; therefore they are unlikely to fail due to harmful environmental conditions such as water, dust, grit chemicals, grease, oil, etc.

Space saving design

Because the drive unit and the bearings are mounted inside the Motorised Pulley shell, it takes up much less room than a conventional drive. No need for costly extras like chains, v-belts, couplings, bearings, support structure and special guarding.


Our Motorised Pulley is probably one of the safest drives available because the motor is completely enclosed and the external shafts are always stationary. The only moving external parts are the Motorized Pulley shell and bearing housings.

Low purchasing and installation cost

Our Motorised Pulley is quite often less expensive than exposed drives because it has fewer parts. Therefore less conveyor design and parts purchasing costs. It is also much quicker and easier to install – certainly less than a quarter of the time taken to fit an exposed system.

Low maintenance cost

The end user also benefits from our Motorised Pulley, because it requires no maintenance other than the recommended oil change every 20,000 hours and oil seal change every 30,000 hours. In other words almost 10 years between oil changes based on an 8-hour/ day working week. Synthetic oil can be specified to extend the service range up to 50,000 hours.


Our Motorised Pulley usually has a much higher efficiency from electrical motor to shell (Pulley face) than conventional drives, because it has fewer frictional losses, and therefore mechanical efficiencies of up to 97% can be achieved.


Our Motorised Pulley is hermetically sealed it cannot contaminate any conveying materials such as food, electrical components, plastics and other materials that must be kept perfectly clean during handling.

Thermal protection

All three phase Motorised Pulleys are protected by our thermal protection switch. This heat sensitive switch is built into the motor windings to protect the motor from overheating. The thermal protector must be connected to a normally closed circuit.

Weight saving and distribution

Often the Motorised Pulley is lighter than conventional drives and often it is possible to reduce the cost of the conveyor structure, because the weight is evenly distributed within the conveyor frame.

Variable frequency converter

All Motorised Pulleys with 3 phase motors can be easily controlled by variable frequency converters.

Fewer parts

Our Motorised Pulley consists of the Motorised Pulley and two fixing brackets. Exposed drives can require up to eight or more separate components, most of which have to be purchased from different suppliers or custom manufactured.

Low noise

Thanks to the totally sealed enclosure and high quality gears our Motorised Pulley runs almost at a whisper – a very important fact in today’s modern factory environments. However, for some special application, a lower noise level could be required.

Area of Application

  • Mines
  • Quarries
  • Cement works
  • Coal-fired power plant

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