The lagging for extremely wet operating conditions

REMAGRIP 100 has been specially designed as a lagging for drive pulleys in extremely wet operating conditions. REMAGRIP 100 offers optimum abrasion resistance, the knobbed surface enables to handle extreme environments such as wet operating conditions, clay or other smeary materials.

Product Information


  • Excellent self-cleaning properties
  • Good belt tracking even in extremely wet conditions and where thereā€˜s increased risk of slippage
  • Superior wear resistance
  • CN bonding layer provides fast and good adhesion

Area of Application

  • REMAGRIP 100 for lagging of drive pulleys for light belt conveyors (up to EP 630)
  • REMAGRIP 100 HD (heavy-duty) also for medium belt conveyors (up to EP 1250)
  • Extremely difficult operating conditions (such as extremely wet conditions, clay or other smeary materials)


Polymer basis NR/BR DIN ISO 1629
Specific weight 1.09 g/cm3
Hardness 63 Shore A
Colour Black

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