The heat resistant universal lagging for heavy-duty operating conditions

REMAGRIP 70 HR has been specially designed as a lagging for drive pulleys in challenging operating conditions with high-temperature environments. It is able to withstand a continuous thermal stress of 90°C and even short-term stresses of 110°C. Recommended adhesive system for heat resistant rubber lagging: PRIMER PR 200 and CEMENT PERFORMANCE 140 HT with HARDENER PERFORMANCE 140 HT.

Product Information


  • Heat resistant REMAGRIP 70 premium quality
  • Reduces slippage between belt and pulley • Improves and stabilizes coefficient of friction
  • Evacuation of moisture and dirt
  • Protects the pulley from wear and corrosion
  • Prevents material build-up
  • Positive influence on belt tracking
  • Deep grooving to handle large amounts of dirt and provide long operating life
  • CN bonding layer provides fast and good adhesion

Area of Application

  • Grooved rubber lagging for drive pulleys
  • Long belt conveyors
  • Large pulley diameters (from 800 mm)
  • For high-tension fabric and steel cord belts of all strengths


Polymer basis BR/IR DIN ISO 1629
Specific weight 1.11 g/cm3
Hardness 60 Shore A
Profile 8 x 6 oder 10 x 8 (Profile 50)
Max. temperature Up to 90 °C, short peaks up to 110 °C
Colour Black

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