Acid-proof brick linings

Under the CHEMOKITT brand names, REMA TIP TOP offer synthetic resin mortars based on furane, vinyl ester, polyester and epoxy resin. CHEMOKITT synthetic resin mortars are particularly suitable for lining phosphoric acid tanks as well as pickling tanks and reaction vessels.

Asplit Mortars

Acid-proof brick linings

Our range of lining materials is completed by Asplit mortars, well established for over 50 years in all types of process plants. Asplit mortars are characterized by an excellent chemical resistance even at extreme operating temperatures. Asplit mortars are man- ufactured on the basis of phenol, furane, vinyl ester, polyester and epoxy resins and potassium silicate. Highly wear-resistant grouting mortars are also available for the laying of fused cast basalt. Mortars from the Asplit range are primarily used in sulfuric acid plant, reaction vats and many other areas.

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