The universal pulley lagging

UNIGRIP 60 can be universally applied as a pulley lagging for simple applications.

Product Information


  • Reduces slippage between belt and pulley
  • Increases and stabilizes the coefficient of friction
  • Evacuation of moisture and dirt
  • Protects the pulley against wear and corrosion
  • Prevents material build-up
  • Positive effect on tracking
  • Wear-resistant material quality

Area of Application

  • Profile tread for drive pulleys
  • For low to averagely loaded textile conveyor belts
  • Small pulley diameters (up to 800 mm)


Polymer basis NR/BR/SBR DIN ISO 1629
Specific Weight 1.18 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Hardness 62 Shore A DIN ISO 7619-1
Colour Black

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