Verification of Competence

Verification of Competence (Voc) – Conveyor Maintenance Technician

Why Undertake a Verification of Competence?

Under Australian WHS legislation it is a requirement for PCBU’s (Person/s Conducting a Business or Undertaking) to ensure the competency of its workers to perform their tasks safely.

Whilst a worker may have a Vocational Education and Training (VET) unit of competency and associated licence, this only proves that at the time of assessment the operator was competent. Unless the operator used their skills and knowledge regularly their competency may be reduced.

The standards recommend that checking competency should be done based on how often the skill is being used or applied. However, in many sites around Australia a worker will not be deemed as current unless they have undertaken a VoC assessment within the past 24 months.

We recommend competency assessments be undertaken every 24 months. This allows the worker to fill in knowledge gaps, brings the worker up-to-date with any changes to legislation, technology or best practice, and provides assurance to the PCBU that their work is current in their competency.

Many VoC assessments fail to meet a standard that provides assurance about the skills of the operator as the VoC assessment is not controlled by the VET system. At RTT ACADEMY we use the nationally recognised Unit of Competency as the basis for our VoC assessments, thus ensuring that the worker’s competence is assessed in line with the key elements of the unit.

Course Duration

This depends on how many workers are involved. Typically our VoC programs are four (4) hours in duration and are conducted on the client’s worksite.


Workers must have a current licence for the VoC they are to undertake. The relevant licence must be presented on the day of assessment.

Course Structure

RTT ACADEMY’s VoC assessments include both a knowledge (theory) and skills (practical) component.

Verification of Competence (VoC) – Conveyor Maintenance Technician

Click on the following link to open a spreadsheet that shows the mandatory VOCs required for individual roles. There may be work sites that require additional VOCs to be completed.

Conveyor Maintenance Technician Roles VOC List

The following VOCs can be accessed by forwading a completed form to

  • Belt Clamps
  • Belt Lifter
  • Belt Stand
  • Belt Winder
  • Chain Pullers
  • Control Box
  • Hilti Gun
  • Knife Use
  • Fox Drive
  • Turn Station
  • Quick Cut Saw
  • Vulcaniser
  • Winch
  • Electro-Hydraulic Hole Punch
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Overhead Crane (Being developed)

More VOCs will be reviewed and added to this list. If you have an immediate need for a VOC, for new equipment or new procedure, please contact us directly via the same email address.

Once the Internal Training Request and Approval has been received, the employee will be enrolled, and student login details emailed to them.

Basically, the process is:

  • Site supervisor accesses VOC documents either through Share point or through RTT Trainer & Assessor
  • ATA (Approved Technical Advisor) or Assessor allows employee to complete VOC written questionnaire
  • ATA or Assessor observes employee carry out tasks as per VOC documents
  • ATA or Assessor completes document by inserting comments and ticking the relevant box S or NYS
  • ATA or Assessor inserts name and signature in relevant areas on document.
  • If ATA, they scan and emails all documents and feed back to Trainer & Assessor for final marking and sign off
  • RTT Trainer & Assessor send to Training Coordinator for uploading into MYOSH

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