Wear resistant ceramic feeding system

REMASLIDE ALOX impact bars absorb the drop energy of the material impact. A proven REMA TIP TOP special rubber substrate is combined with a hard and very smooth sliding surface made of ceramic. The wear-resistant ceramic ensures a very long service life. By fully supporting the conveyor belt across the feed points and transfer stations, damage of the belt is avoided.

Product Information


  • Combination of rubber base and 4 mm ceramic sliding surface for use with particularly hard and abrasive materials (sinter, basalt, ores, etc.)
  • Outstanding hot vulcanization of the 20×20 mm ceramic tiles with the rubber base
  • At least 3 times longer lifetime compared to known impact bars
  • Low friction between conveyor belt and REMASLIDE ALOX sliding surface
  • Beveled end faces for gentle belt entry and exit
  • Easy and quick mounting by integrated aluminium profile with TT-Fastening Unit type I
  • Distance between conveyor belt and impact bar must be at least 20 mm (when conveyor belt is not loaded)

Area of Application

  • Impact protection for conveyor belts at the material feed and transfer points
  • For bulk material up to 50 mm and drop heights up to 3m
  • Good sealing effect when used in conjunction with REMASKIRT

Other Features

  • Innovative, low friction and abrasion resistant surface made of highly wear-resistant ceramic (4 mm)
  • Elastic rubber base (approx. 40 Shore A)
  • Recommendation: 4 to 5 pieces TT Fastening Units per bar type I

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