Wear resistant polyurethane feeding system

REMASLIDE PUR impact bars absorb the drop energy of the impacting material at very high drop heights. The elastic PUR base and the sliding surface made of polyurethane absorb the impact energy. Through full support of the whole surface of the conveyor belt at the feed points and transfer stations, damage of the belt is avoided. It also ensures better plant availability.

Product Information


  • Combination of PUR base and approx. 15 mm PUR sliding surface
  • Homogeneous compound of surface and substructure allow highest load capacity
  • At least 1.5 times longer durability compared to simple impact bars
  • Low friction between conveyor belt and REMASLIDE PUR
  • Beveled end faces of the sliding surface for gentle belt entry and exit
  • Distance between conveyor belt and impact bars min. 20 mm (with unloaded conveyor)

Area of Application

  • Impact protection for conveyor belts at the material feed and transfer points
  • Good sealing effect when used in conjunction with REMASKIRT
  • Suitable for ATEX use

Other Features

  • Innovative, low friction surface made of highly wear-resistant polyurethane (approx. 15mm, red)
  • Elastic PUR base (approx. 55 Shore A, sliding surface approx. 90 Shore A)
  • Recommendation: 4 or 5 pieces of TT-Fastening Units per bar type I

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