UNISLIDE Impact Bars

Low friction impact bars

UNISLIDE impact bars absorb the drop energy of material impact through their special rubber substrate. By fully supporting the conveyor belt across the feed points and transfer stations, damage of the belt will be avoided.

Product Information


  • Combination of polyethylene (PE) and special rubber
  • Beveled ends of the polyethylene layer to protect the conveyor belt
  • Easy and quick mounting by integrated steel profile with TT-Fastening Unit type IV
  • Distance between conveyor belt and impact bars must be at least 20 mm (when conveyor belt is not loaded)

Area of application

  • Impact protection for conveyor belts at the material feed and transfer points
  • Good sealing effect when used in conjunction with UNISKIRT


  • Surface made of polyethylene (12.5 mm, green)
  • Elastic rubber base (approx. 45 Shore A)
  • Recommendation: 4 pieces TT-Fastening Units per impact bar

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