DBP Conveyor Belting

Fabric, steel, cord or special carcasss conveyor belting

With the DBP (Dunlop Belting Products) portfolio, REMA TIP TOP offers a full range of high quality and innovative conveyor belting. If your requirement calls for a fabric, steel cord or special carcass, with or without breaker, we can supply the right product at the right time to the required place.

Product Information


  • Belt construction with fabric, steel cord or aramid carcass
  • Solid woven and straight warp belts
  • Vertical and incline belts
  • Heat, oil and chemical resistant belts
  • Flame-retardant and self-extinguishing belts for mining and tunneling
  • Pipe belts
  • High abrasion, /NO- and high impact-resistant rubber, PVC and PVG covers


  • DBP WearTECH – Wear resistant
  • DBP LavaTECH – Heat-resistant 150-220°C
  • DBP OilTECH – Oil & grease resistant
  • DBP FlameTECH
    – DBP-LEVEL 1: flame-resistant according to ISO 340 DIN EN 12882 2A−2B
    – DBP-LEVEL 2: flame-resistant /self-extinguishing according to DIN EN 12882 (surface)
    – DBP-LEVEL 3: flame-resistant /self-extinguishing according to DIN EN 14973 (underground)

  • DBP ForceTECH – Aramid fabric
  • DBP LiftTECH –  Elevator conveyor belts
  • DBP FlowTECH – Pipe conveyor belts
  • DBP SlideTECH –  Sliding conveyor belts
  • DBP FlexTECH – Flex conveyor belts
  • DBP SolidTECH – Solid woven conveyor belts
  • DBPChevronTECH – Steep incline conveyor belts
  • DBP REMAWELL – Sidewall conveyor belts

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