Textile straight-warp belts

DBP FlexTECH is a polyester straight warp belt composed of one or two plies protected on both top and bottom sides by weft lines in polyamide.

Product Information


Due to the thin carcass, DBP FlexTECH can be used with smaller pulley diameters than textile plied or steelcord belts. Straight-warp conveyor belts are used on heavy duty conveyors where resistance to the effects of heavy impacts and resistance to tearing are important characteristics, typically seen in quarrying, open cast mining and steel industries or in applications where heavy-duty and yet narrow belts are required, such as in tunnelling.


The carcass frame thus constructed is adhered RFL and may be coated of different types of rubber cover, anti-abrasive ( X , Y, etc.), oil-resistant (G, G+), heat-resistant
(T150°, T200°), etc.

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